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Jamie Ernst, CPA, CA
Cheryl Leech
Lisa Shea-Smith

The Jamie Ernst Chartered Professional Accountant team takes pride in solving your financial issues in a cost-effective way.

Our practice is different because it’s a small business too.  We understand the benefits of having a relationship with all our clients.  The practice is based on a lower client / accountant ratio than larger firms.  Having extensive industry experience in fishing, farming and woods/logging based businesses.  Our service area is Halifax to Yarmouth.

When you work with us, we’ll discuss your current accounts, and we could help you gain a greater awareness of your financial situation. We understand that you depend on knowledge to make the right decisions, so we’ll pay attention to the details.

Located in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (the hub of the South Shore), we believe in offering sound advice that is based on our practical experience.


Jamie Ernst Chartered Professional Accountant (CA) Inc has 6 key areas of service



Personal income tax planning and preparation of personal tax returns

The key to personal income taxes is not in the preparation, but in the planning prior to preparation.  The key combination that Jamie brings to the table is his understanding of the rules combined with his years of experience, I am able to look for opportunities for clients to save tax.

Corporate tax planning and preparation of corporate tax returns.

Jamie Ernst and his team provide a complete line of tax planning and preparation of corporate tax returns for small business.

Estate planning and preparation of trust returns.

Estate planning allows tax efficient transfer of assets between generations.    Without proper planning you may pay too much tax, reducing what your heirs get.  There is an old saying that you can leave your money to your family, charity or the government.  I prefer the first two to the third.  We do not prepare wills, but there is value in having us review your will.  We also offer complete service for preparation of estate income tax returns.

Preparation of notice to reader statements.

The goal of improving the information or the context of the information so that decision makers can make more informed, and presumably better, decisions.

Business consulting and business advisory services.

Our business advisory and consulting pertains to acquisitions and sales of business, divorce calculations, analysis of financial statements to identify business issues. Jamie has been an expert witness in the supreme court of Canada as well as tax planning for individual companies and estates.  Jamie also provides consultation decisions on whether or not to incorporate as well as income splitting strategies.

Non-resident clearance certificates

Jamie Ernst also provides the preparation of non-resident clearance certificates.  This is a process that non-residents can chose to do when selling real property in Canada.  It involves preparation of the clearance certificate request, follow up with CRA and filing of a non-resident tax return.

Why Hire a Chartered Professional Accountant? 

Chartered Professional Accountants’ have the depth and breadth of financial expertise. They must complete high levels of education, experience and examination, then maintain their knowledge through ongoing professional development. Chartered Professional Accountants’ think strategically, requiring a deep understanding of the complex relationships between business operations, performance measurement, risk management, financing, taxation and regulations.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, your tax strategy must continually evolve. This means being up-to-date on the latest tax legislation, and knowing how changes could support or stifle your financial goals. Professional planning could limit tax liabilities, and identify the deductions and credits to which you or your business are entitled. Chartered Professional Accountants’ are ideally positioned to help you find your way through these complexities. Recognized worldwide, the Chartered Professional Accountant designation denotes expertise, integrity, and business insight in a broad array of financial and business advisory services, including tax planning.

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